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Chasing light, dodging shadows…

Photography: Landscape, Architectural, Urban, Wildlife, Portrait, Nature, Skies, Waves Trees, Clouds and Rocks. …

Out in all weathers.

Most days I walk about with a camera. I tend to wander off the beaten track to find a different angle on the everyday. Being in the outdoors and on location is one of the best parts of my work. A location may be from a commission or a site where I’ve spotted something that I’d like to capture. I enjoy creating images that capture the natural environment. I tend to capture images that capture mood through light and composition.

I also do work in a number of gardens in the Easter Ross area. Everything from grass cutting, fruit, vegetables, shrubs.

I’m based near Tain (Easter Ross,Highlands), although I’m known to go further afield when work or travel gives that opportunity. I’ll take photos at any time of day, it really depends on what I’m aiming to convey in my work or what I’ve been commissioned to do.

Otherwise I’ll be out in my garden or reading a book at home with a nice cuppa tea.